We give offense. We take offense. What should we do about it?

Reflections on offensiveness as a social phenomenon

Author Jethro K Lieberman

Jethro K. Lieberman


This is not a blog about what offends me. It’s about what offends you. And other people. And why. And what to do about it, if anything.

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Offense of the Month

No Slur without Demur

Offenses of the Month, April–May 2023

A Slurry of Slurs

In this our Age of Sensitive Barbarity, you’d suppose that commandos of the airwaves (if not all of us) would realize that who avers slurs into a microphone bodes distemper, danger, and disaster. This understanding ought by now be patent platitude—if not by the beginning of the Obama presidency, by the end; if not by the beginning of the Trump Interregnum, by its middle; if not by

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